History of US Foreign Policy Since 1929

An Introduction to American Hard and Soft Power


This course will examine American military, diplomatic, and economic policy in the world since the Great Depression. The focus will be placed on how the US acted in the world and influenced the evolution of other countries, but also how the world influenced the evolution of American civilization. Through the analysis of textual, video, and audio primary sources, we will explore the many different ways in which the US projected its hard and soft power in the world, from the crisis of the 1930s to the present day. The objective of this course is to let students construct their own historical knowledge based on the analysis of primary sources. In this sense, this is not just an introduction to American history: it is also an introduction to the work of a historian. Because the past is never really past, students will also be encouraged to draw connections between these historical themes and more contemporary issues.



Why choose this course? Because games are FUN! But there’s so much more to them than that. Games teach us valuable skills: communication, sociability, problem-solving, fast-thinking and strategy. They hone our reactions, our eloquence, our abilities to improvise, to imagine and to create. They can help us function effectively in a team or independently, train us to understand complex instructions, situations and possible outcomes.

Are you looking for an engaging, dynamic English class where your interests and knowledge can help shape the content? There will be student-led activities, speaking games, discussions, debates, presentations and roleplays. We’ll learn about and play a wide variety of games, discuss cultural tastes and differences in game-playing, consider the role that games play in our cultural and family backgrounds, look at tech innovations and the future of the video game industry, and explore gamification in education and in marketing.

The requirements? Commitment to the class, regular attendance and a keen desire to participate actively.

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