The program includes everything up to last week class included (= including character animation and ARAP deformation). 

- Bring your material with you (laptop with battery, code, manuscript notes, etc.) -> you can use it during the test.

- Offsite Eurotech can do the test remotely at the same time. In this case, you will need to be connected on the Zoom link (provided by Moodle) with your webcam turned on (and showing you).


It is a multiple-choice questions quiz. 

- Questions may be related to class and lab class

- Duration: 30min

   - One or two questions should be trivial to answer - don't waste too much time on them

   - Others may take more time: longer questions, intermediate computation/drawings, etc. - prepare a sheet of paper + pen near your computer, it can help. You may also want to be ready to have a tool to do some quick numerical computation such as matrix \times vector (not obligatory, but can also help).

- "Terribly wrong answers" to trivial questions will be penalized by negative points. Otherwise wrong answers to non trivial questions are not associated to negative points.

- You have access to your computer and material - so to your slides, lab class code, etc.

Any type of communication between you is forbidden during the test

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