PHY582 - Current Trends in Materials Science

How does one make solar cells? How quantum phenomena change our life? Why would one 3D-print a building? What is the use of atomically thin films? Is snow really slippery? These are a few among a zoo of questions about material science. Most technological and industrial activities rely on the choice, design and tuning of physical and mechanical properties of a various materials.

This class aims at giving a partial view of research, innovation, and development activities in the broad field of materials, using examples drawn from the fundamental and applied research. The topics can range from optoelectronics, quantum mechanics, sustainable energy devices, structural and surface science, colloids, graphene, 3D-printing of biological or construction material, the flow of glass, …

The course will consist in a series of scientific talks by researchers and engineers who have themselves developed new key concepts or products in the field of material science. The speakers are invited from French and foreign academic institutes or high-tech private companies.

Following the course, the students will develop a personal project on one of the proposed conferences. They are invited to deepen the scientific, technical, social and economic aspects of the chosen topic.


This course is part of the proposed actions in the X/ESPCI/Saint-Gobain "Material Science and Active Surfaces" Chair. Conferences will be organized at the X. A visit to an industrial site is also planned.

Course language: English