Materials design

The development of high-tech devices relies on the exploitation of materials’ functional properties. The goal of this course is to provide insights in designing materials considering the intrinsic properties of materials and integrating them into a functional device

This course is an introduction to the materials science, which is divided into three parts:

  • Chemical and structural properties of materials. Description of the main manufacturing and shaping technologies.
  • Electronic properties of materials focusing on the phenomena of transport, magnetism, and optics.
  • Application of functional materials for the design of devices, notion of active or intelligent materials. One or more properties of materials can be controlled by the application of external stimuli such as electric or magnetic field, heat, and mechanical pressure (e.g. electrochromic smart windows, electroluminescent devices, shape-memory metals, electro-rheological fluids). In parallel, the students will be invited to make personal projects, aiming to take back on a concrete example and to apply the approach "fabrication, properties, functionality" of materials. This work may include an experimental session carried out in the laboratory.


This course is part of the actions proposed within the framework of the Chaire X-Saint-Gobain.

Language of the course: English