UDP Jokes...The goal of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of select advanced problems in wireless networking.

Specifically, the course will study these topics:

  • Overview of Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Communications
  • Random Access
  • Deterministic Access Schemes
  • Radio Link Control
  • Cellular Access
  • Constrained Networking
  • Cellular Architecture and Protocols
  • Cellular Mobility
  • Transport and Wireless 


Requirements: INF557 "From the Internet to the IoT: The Fundamentals Of Modern Computer Networking"
Evaluation mechanism: A TD report is due every week (1/2 of the final grade). A Project report and defense are due at the end of the course (1/2 of the final grade).
Language: English (but with bilingual teaching staff)

The course is on wireless networks with a particular focus on cellular networks. We don’t explain how a specific technology is working. We rather explain what are the main concepts and approaches present in all (or many) wireless technologies and we give examples from specific technologies. Moreover, we explain why technological choices have been made. Wireless networks are not only about radio access (see core networks, services, applications, etc), but this course focuses on it.