Lecturers: Bruno MANSOULIÉ, Jean-Philippe LANSBERG

LHC physics at the energy frontier Bruno Mansoulié, Director of Research , CEA-Saclay

Hadronic colliders and the LHC at Cern. Main features, performance, limitations.
Phenomenology of proton-proton collisions.
Reminder of particle detectors and techniques.
ATLAS and CMS experiments. Main features, performances.
Analysis methodology.
Standard Model phenomenology: as a background to other searches, as precision measurements.
Higgs search and discovery. Main analysis channels, statistical combination, couplings and spin/parity measurements.
Phenomenology beyond the Standard Model (BSM): Supersymmetry, Extra dimensions, etc.
Searches of BSM physics: by final state, by model.
Upgrade programme (LHC and experiments). Physics case, schedule.

Physics of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions Jean-Philippe Lansberg, IPN Orsay

Brief historical account on QCD and motivations for the study of heavy-ion collisions at high energy.
Phenomenology of proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions.
Recent experiments at colliders (LHC & RHIC) and fixed targets.
Outlooks (new experiments and upgrades).

ECTS credits: 4