Course Outline:

  • General Introduction, “What is Photovoltaics?” Solar energy resource, current use of PV
  • Introduction to the physics of crystalline semiconductors: band structure, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, quasi-Fermi levels.
  • Transport phenomena in semiconductors, recombination, the p-n junction. The photovoltaic effect
  • Material junctions and energy band-diagrams. Metal/semiconductor contacts. Heterojunctions
  • Optical absorption, solar spectrum and EQE. Solar cell efficiency limits. Equivalent circuit model.
  • Crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV technology and operation. Basic and high efficiency c-Si cell architectures.
  • PV technology overview and the cost of PV
  • Modules, concentration, and advanced concepts


Niveau requis : 

Recommended courses for Ecole polytechnique students :
PHY430 - Advanced Quantum Physics  and  PHY433 - Statistical Physics

Course Language : English

ECTS Credits : 5