Chemistry is both a science and an industry.  Highly efficient and selective processes are developed to assure the production of a wide diversity of products. Since several years, industrial chemistry has undergoes radical changes to become safer and cleaner.

A general overview will be given in the introduction lesson: creation and development of large industrial groups (heavy chemicals - petrochemicals- fine chemicals - pharmaceuticals) focusing on industry changes and innovation

Several lessons will then be devoted to chemical process tools, and more specifically to the description of units operation. Reactor design will be study in detail (ideal reactors, residence time distribution…). Student will be trained to real case studies through a computational project applied to water treatment process. Separation techniques will be presented (distillation, solvent extraction), leading to column sizing exercises.

Finally, a talk given by an industrial specialist will illustrate the importance these tools in the inorganic chemical industry.

Language course: English

Credits ECTS: 4