An Introduction to French Cinema : from the Lumière Brothers to the New Wave



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Cinema is considered the 7th art (7ème art) in France and it unveils essential aspects of 20th century French culture, society and history. This course aims at developing a good basic knowledge of French cinema and of the culture that produced it.

This course will explore the history of cinema in France from the Lumière brothers’ first films to the New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague). Several films will be analyzed and we will explore several movements since the birth of cinema in 1895: films by Auguste and Louis Lumière, Georges Méliès, Marcel L’Herbier, Jean Renoir, Marcel Carné, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Goddard and Agnès Varda.



Attendance is mandatory.  It is essential that students attend all classes and participate actively.  Unexcused absences will influence the final grade. Reading assignments are critical. Students are expected to read the material as it is assigned and come to class prepared.



 The final grade for this course will consist of the following components:

 Participation in seminar discussions and class preparation                20 %

Oral presentation                                                                       30 %

Final paper                                                                                50%