Lecturer: Nicolas Wschebor

The lecture will establish the conceptual and methodological links between phase transitions in statistical mechanics and particle physics. It will employ the simpler frame of phase transitions in statistical mechanics in order to introduce the notions of renormalization group. Doing so, it will be explained the emergence of field theories at long distances near a critical phenomena (both in statistical mechanics and in QFT). These goals are directly related to some of the subjects of the QFT2 lecture of the master's program, as spontaneous symmetry breaking or the renormalization procedure in quantum field theory. The lecture will use as main bibliography some of the chapters of the M. Le Bellac and G. Barton book "Quantum and Statistical Field Theory", of some chapters of S. Weinberg collection «The Quantum Theory of Fields». The lecture will have 8 sessions with 2 hours each. Exercises will be proposed along the lecture and a final examination will take at the end.