Lecturer: Jean-Michel Gauthier

The energy industry is facing an ongoing revolution that is profoundly changing its competitive landscape. Against such revolution, the acquisition of excellence in the design and management of processes is a prerequisite for obtaining cost efficiency and for reducing the environmental impact associated with the use of energy sources. It is also a long-term driver of profitability.  Against this background, this module will provide the basic terminology, concepts and quantitative tools for describing, analyzing and improving business processes in the energy sector. As such it is expected: i) to demonstrate how excellence in designing and managing operations is a primary source of competitive advantage in this industry; ii) to help participants develop an awareness of the principal operational issues in the energy sector and to provide them with a set of instruments to successfully address these issues and - ultimately, iii) to identify the challenges of making operational decisions and highlight the role of the human element in making such decisions.

Langue du cours : Anglais

Credits ECTS : 4