Lecturer: Ivica PULJAK


1.  Higgs boson production and decay (2 hours)

Main Higgs boson production mechanisms in proton-proton collisions. Main branching ratios. Estimation of main sources of parametric and theoretical uncertainties.

2.  Higgs boson discovery and properties measurements (11 hours)

Higgs boson discovery with CMS and ATLAS detectors. Detailed example of discovery through four lepton decay channel: full chain from simulation, designing the analysis strategy, physics object reconstruction, background estimation to final statistical analysis. Measurements of mass, width, spin-parity, production mechanisms and couplings. Future perspectives of LHC.

3.  Higgs boson and cosmology (3 hours)

Introduction to cosmology. Higgs field in early universe: quantum fluctuations and seed structure formation, contribution to baryogenesis and dark matter production. Higgs boson and the end of present-day universe through vacuum decay.