This course is aimed at the understanding of the basic phenomena that control the interactions between simultaneous motions of fluids and solids. Applications are found in the domains of transport and nuclear engineering, aeronautics and civil engineering, biomechanics and microelectronics, among others.


I Dynamic dimensional analysis in fluid-structure interactions
-Introduction. Variety of interaction configurations
-Dimensionless parameters in a coupled problem
-Dimensional analysis of balance equations

II Interaction of a solid with a resting fluid
-Reduced low speeds and small displacement
-Added stiffness. Application to ships
-Added mass. Confinement
-Effects of fluid viscosity
-Effects of a free surface.
- Coupling with sloshing modes

III Aeroelasticity
-Reduced high speeds.
-Static instabilities
-Instability induced by mode coupling.
-Applications: aircraft wings, pipe with internal flow, cable in wake,
-Flexible panel located in supersonic flow, rotating machine shaft.

IV- Strong coupling
-Instabilities induced by drag crisis or lift crisis.
-Unsteady effects. Tacoma bridge
-Coriolis damping
-Instability of a fluid chord: propagation of stable and unstable waves.

V- Flow forcing
-Effects of turbulent separation on obstacles
-Coupling of movement and wake
-Response to flow turbulence

Presequisite : Fundamentals of solid and fluid mechanis are needed. A course in dynamics is useful.

Evaluation : Final written exam

This course will be taught in English but exercise classes in French will be available.

In 2016-2017 this course will be taught in relation with the on-line course on Coursera : Fundamentals of FSI

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The reference language of this course is English, but this year we have decided to offer two different  formats for the course  :

A :   the whole course in English : (a) the lectures will be in the form of a MOOC (on-line classes) <>, see also  (b) the exercise class will be in English 2pm-4pm

B:  the course mostly in French : (a) the lectures will be given in French with slides in English, 10:45 to 12:45 amphi Cauchy, and the exercise class in French  2 pm to 4pm, or 4:15pm to 6:15 pm