This course is an introduction the quantum chromodynamics, the microscopic theory of the strong interactions.

It will be taught jointly by a theoretician (S. Munier) and an experimenter (F. Machefert).

Theory part:

- Asymptotic freedom and its consequences
- Deep-inelastic scattering; parton densities and their evolution in perturbative QCD; DGLAP equation
- Sudakov form factor (derived in QED; This is an advanced field theory topic)
- Infrared-safe observables; properties of final states.


- M.Peskin and D. Schroeder, An Introduction to quantum field theory, 1995, Reading, USA: Addison-Wesley (1995). The notations and conventions will be taken from this reference.
- T. Muta, "Foundations of quantum chromodynamics", World scientific, 1998.
- R K Ellis, W J Stirling and B R Webber, "QCD and Collider Physics", Cambridge University Press.