Lecturer: David LANGLOIS

1. Homogeneous cosmology (Friedmann equations, cosmological parameters)
2. Thermal history (nucleosynthesis, recombination, neutrinos, dark matter)
3. Inflation
4. Theory of cosmological perturbations
5. Initial conditions from inflation
6. Cosmic Microwave Background
7. Large scale structures


- "Inflation, quantum fluctuations and cosmological perturbations", D. Langlois, arXiv:hep-th/0405053
Lectures given at Cargese School of Particle Physics and Cosmology: the Interface,
Cargese, Cosica, France, 4-16 Aug 2003
- "Lectures on inflation and cosmological perturbations", D. Langlois, arXiv:1001.5259 [astro-ph.CO],
Second TRR33 Winter School on cosmology, "Theory for observers & Observations for theorists",
Passo del Tonale (Italy) 7 - 12 December 2008
- "Modern cosmology", S. Dodelson
- "Physical Foundations of Cosmology", V. Mukhanov

Requirements : A knowledge of general relativity is a prerequisite for this course.

ECTS credits: 4