Computer programming (CSE101) introduces students (with or without previous programming experience) to the fundamentals of computer programming in Python, with applications across the sciences. In this course, students will explore fundamental algorithms and data structures, up to and including binary trees, using a mixture of procedural, recursive, and object-oriented techniques. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid foundation in the culture and practice of modern programming, and the basic skills to solve real-world problems using efficient, well-written programs and open-source tools.  These foundations will be extended and completed in CSE102 and CSE103.

Web Programming, (CSE 104) introduces the languages, tools, and techniques specific to developing web-based applications. Students will develop a solid understanding of the intricacies of contemporary, dynamic website development, and an insight into the internal workings of the web itself. This is a hands-on practical course that provides students with valuable practice developing their own web-based applications.


  • Being able to develop a client-side-based website
    • complying to HTML5/CSS3 standard, and JavaScript good practices
    • without requiring external front-end library
    • responsive
  • Being introduced to server side programming
  • Being able to autonomously find and use information from various documentation on web applications


  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript (front end)
  • Introduction to server side programming: PHP, JS (nodeJS), DB

General organization

The class will mainly consist of practical computer lab classes A small project will be conducted where students will develop their own website (client side only) following the current good practices.