Discrete Mathematics MAA 103 (Year 1) has two main objectives: (i) teach fundamental concepts in discrete mathematics, which are the building blocks of many different areas of science and of advanced mathematics (ii) teach how to write proofs. The cours strarts with elementary logic (e.g. quantifiers, different methods of proof), sets, and functions. The second part of the course introduces students to combinatorics and probability (on finite sets).

The lectures will closely follow the textbook Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction (3rd Edition) by Scheinerman. For a different presentation and broader applications concerning computer science, one may have a look at Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Epp.

Course webpage: http://www.cmap.polytechnique.fr/~kortchemski/dmaths/

The aim of Computational Mathematics (MAA 106) is to provide the students with practical knowledge of basic mathematical algorithms and computer programming.

The course is divided into 5 cycles and covers several notions such as the representation of numbers, the complexity of algorithms, interpolation of functions, numerical integration, solving equations and optimization problems. We focus on the practical implementation of the methods, using in particular Python notebooks which enable to test easily the algorithms with multiple parameters for instance.

The last three weeks of the course are devoted to a more personal project that will allow the student to understand deeper a notion seen in class. A public defense of this work concludes the course. The grading of the course includes the project and a homework that needs to be given back at the end of each cycle of the course.